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Let us solve your school nurse staffing needs.


The mission of School Nursing Services, Inc. is to create, market, deliver and insure a full-range of school nursing services that are of high quality and cost-efficient to meet the needs of school district budgets.

The purpose is to assist school districts with the health needs of school children, including school nurse and school health services, mandated as related services in Special Education law, in the most cost-effective manner.


School Nursing Services, Inc.  will supply nurses and school nursing Special Education consultation and Section 504 plan management for 20 schools by 2022 with nurses knowledgeable in school nurse practice and Special Education law. 


How much notice is needed to procure a nurse?  As much as we can, we try and have nurses who are available at a moments notice.

How do you find competent nursing staff?  We recruit staff in a variety of ways including networking and posting jobs and thoroughly vet candidates before hiring.