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Director of Nursing

Susan Arndt, BSN, M Ed, RN, NCSN, IL PEL/SN

Susan has been a school health professional for twenty-three years, following a career in critical care nursing. She is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Education. Susan’s school nurse experience includes seventeen years as a school health administrator. In her role as an administrator, Susan realized the challenges in finding reliable and qualified nurses to step in to fill in temporary vacancies created by unanticipated staff absences. This realization lead to the creation of School Nursing Services, Inc. The key to the success of School Nursing Services, Inc. has been finding, developing and maintaining competent and skilled nurses who are able to function safely and effectively in schools.

In 2018, the Illinois Association of School Nurses recognized Susan as the School Nurse Administrator of the Year.

Susan's professional experience includes the following.

  • Providing illness and first aid care to students and staff.
  • Providing health evaluations and health recommendations for special education instructional plans.
  • Developing student health care plans.
  • Collaborating on the development of 504 accommodations and plans.
  • Devloping school health protocols and procedure.
  • Making safety recommendations to school districts.
  • Leading the development, implementation, and improvement of care delivery models and services  
  • Identifying key indicators including measures of quality and safety and implements improvement measures for these key indicators.
  • Evaluating the care environment to ensure that it is safe and healthful for students and staff.
  • Identifying industry trends and competencies in nursing.
  • Creating a professional practice environment that fosters excellence in nursing services and in empowered decision making, accountability, and autonomy.
  • Developing strategies to recruit and retain, mentor, assure quality training, and ensure meaningful work in order to maximize job satisfaction.
  • Maintaining privacy, confidentiality, and security of student, staff, and organizational data.
  • Adhering to the code of ethics for nurses and complies with regulatory and professional standards, as well as integrity in business practice.
  • Fostering a non-discriminatory climate in which care is delivered in a manner sensitive to socio-cultural diversity.
  • Advocating on behalf of recipients of services and of personnel.
  • Collaborating with nursing staff and other disciplines at all levels in the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services.
  • Collaborating with administration in determining the acquisition, allocation, and utilization of fiscal and human resources.
  • Delegating duties appropriate to credentialing, education, and experience.
  • Training and professional development of staff
  • Ensuring compliance with states and federal student health laws.
  • Supervising students in nursing and therapy programs.
  • Collaborating with departments within school district to maintain safety and promote health.
  • Coordinating with public health departments to prevent and control infections and communicable disease.
  • Teaching CPR and AED.
  • Providing performance evaluation for staff.
  • Providing health and safety training to multiple school staff.
  • Purchasing, coordinating and maintaining equipment and supplies used for physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing services.